Red Design is a full service graphic design studio based in New Delhi, India. Set up by Kavita Chopra Dikshit, in 2007, Red Design undertakes turn-key projects across the entire spectrum of design requirements of clients. This includes logo & identity design, visual brand identity, brochures, marketing collateral, presentations, reports, trade-show graphics etc. Kavita has over 25 years of experience in communication design and strategy and has worked across media – TV, film, print and the internet. She brings with her a rare understanding of communication needs and challenges specific to each medium. She ran a successful film production company (Full Lights) before moving to web design and then to Ogilvy before finally setting up Red Design Company.

Kavita grew up in small town India where the closest town lay many miles across the Konar River. In a place where the news was a day old, the present was occupied with climbing trees, swimming across the river, listening to the sounds of the santhals echo across the hills and drawing the world around her.

In the years that followed, Kavita lived in Mumbai (where she studied Sociology at St. Xavier’s college followed by a post-graduate diploma in Mass Communications from Sophia College), Pittsburgh (where she did her Masters in TV Production), and Atlanta, Georgia (where she worked with CNN at their international headquarters). She finally moved to Delhi in 1989.

Her clients include: Samode Hotels, Sita Travels, Distant Frontiers, Incent Tours, RAAS Jodhpur & Devigarh, Jehan Numa Hotels, BMR Advisors, Srinivasan Services Trust, Emaar MGF amongst others.