Kavita’s work stands out for its elegance, class and aesthetics. She is an artist in every sense of the word. I have particularly enjoyed working with her on graphic design. She has an eye for detail, is creative and has a natural flair for design. She is very visual and imaginative. She treats her project like it were a work of art.  What helps in making her product a cut above the rest is her ability to understand the context and perspective of the product she is working on. She will invariably add value to the work by her understanding of this context and enhances it through effective messaging and communication. I like working with her because she likes to set the bar high.

Her work is sophisticated, detailed and beautiful. Kavita has also designed the website for BMR Advisors. She applies similar principles to her web designing work and is creative in her approach. Overall, it has been a delight to work with her. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Rashika Kaul
Head Corporate Communication


“Profoundly creative and resourceful, Kavita helped me in a big way to realize my website which we developed over a period of almost one year! Relentless with her efforts we worked as a team during which we had numerous working sessions in which she would masterfully execute the ideas that we would think about. She listens to you really well, and then reverts with your ideas together with her own sense of aesthetic which results in a synergy of varying thoughts reflecting the much needed balance.

I recommend her to one and all and wish her the very best in her future endeavours!”

Vineet Bahl

Scope of work:
Conceptualisation, design and development of website I Graphic support for ad-hoc requirements including Advertisement for Vogue.


“Kavita has been associated with us for over four years now, yet she manages to surprise us each time, pleasantly of course, with ideas that are so intricately woven into a design, that embodies her creativity to the core. She has given a fresh new look to our trade show booths, beside other collateral as well and each work has been highly appreciated. There is still, a lot of Kavita yet to explored by us and we look forward to doing some more good work together.”

Dipak Deva
Managing Director – Destination Management, Sita, TCI and Distant Frontiers

Scope of work:
Conceptualisation, design and development of websites I Graphic support for ad-hoc requirements |Trade show graph for all international and national stalls for Sita Travels and Distant Frontiers.


“Ms Kavita Dikshit, has been helping us to design and also to prepare, copy right work for the Annual Report of Srinivasan Services Trust for the past five years. Her work has been of very high quality and has been appreciative both nationally and internationally.

I wish her all the best

Chairman, Srinivasan Services Trust

Scope of work:
Writing, designing and producing the report on a turn key basis.